Education primary and secondary

From the earliest days of the Society of Jesus St. Ignatius placed a heavy emphasis on the need for education, he himself returning to formal learning at the University of Paris after his deepening experience of personal conversion. Indeed he himself insisted that his own companions should also immerse themselves in theological and philosophical studies.

Today Jesuit run schools and colleges in Africa have continued this commitment to excellence in eduction by ensuring that students are instilled with the ability to become social innovators and work towards a deeper understanding God's will for themselves and the world as a whole.

Across the continent the Society is responsible for 31 high schools and even more primary institutions. As well as five formation centres, where new priests are prepared for their future life, we run social apostolates and vocational training centres which all offer much sought after qualifications. Currently, projects are underway to create five modern universities across the continent that will be engaged in a wide range of academic disciplines. These will eventually match the reputations of some of our most famous colleges in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our ethos is based on the the formation of Christian "men and women for others"so that they can become competent in their field of study, persons of conscience full of compassion and committed to essential Christian values with a deepfelt preference for the poor.

Through education coupled with a mature faith solutions can be found to the problems of conflict, disease, isolation, the environment and economic disparity. Through our schooling we hope to create generations of leaders who can work in their everyday life towards a better society.

Find out more about education in camps for the displaced under taken by the Jesuit Refugee Service Click Here


 Below are education projects Jesuits are involved in.  Click Tab to Expand

College Sadisana, Kikwit, DRC,(Secondary)
College Ntemo, Kasongo-Lunda, DRC , (Secondary)
College Kubama, Kisantu (Secondary)
College Bonsomi, Kinshasa, DRC (Secondary)
College Alfajiri, Bukavu, DRC (Primary and Secondary)
College Boboto, Kinshasa, DRC (Primary and Secondary)
Centre Espiritalidade San Joa de Brito, Viana Angola (Primary/Secondary)
St. Peter Claver School - Dodoma, Tanzania (Secondary)St. Peter Claver School - Dodoma, Tanzania (Secondary)
St. Aloysius Gonzaga Nairobi, Kenya (Secondary)
Loyola Secondary, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Secondary)
Loyola Secondary School, Wau, South Sudan (Secondary)
Bahir Dar Primary School, Ethiopia (Primary)
St. Ignatius, Dodoma, Tanzania
Gonzaga, Tanzania (Preparatory & Primary School)
Mabibo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Preparatory/Primary)
Abay Mad Kindergarten, Ethiopia (Preparatory)
les Ecoles Fe y Alegria à Mong; (Primary)
le Lycée-Collège Charles Lwanga à Sarh (Secondary)
le Centre d'Études et de Réflexion pour Collégiens, Ouagadougou ; (Secondary)
Centre Spirituel Saint Jacques Berthieu, Ambiatibe, Antananarivo
College Immaculate Conception (Primary and Secondary)
College St. Francis Xavier (Primary and Secondary)
College St. Michel (Primary and Secondary)

St. Ignatius Secondary – ESIL, Msaladzi (Secondary)
Matacuane Primary, (Primary/Secondary/Adult Education)
Complexe Scolaire de Kibagabaga,St. Ignace – Kigali ( Primary and Secondary)
Saint Louis of Gonzaga (Primary)
Lycee Saint Esprit, Bujumbura (Secondary)
Loyola Jesuit Secondary School Kasungu, Malawi (Secondary)
LHJS (Secondary), Lusaka, Zambia (Secondary)
Canadaisius Secondary in Chikuni Mission near Monze (Secondary)
Taonga (Primary Education through radio), Chikuni (Primary)
Parish Primary School, Kasungu, (Primary)
Mater Community School, Lusaka (Primary)
Catholic University, Higher (Higher)
Visitation Secondary School, Makumbi (Secondary)
St. Rupert's Secondary School, Makonde (Secondary)
St. Peter's Secondary School, Mbare, Harare (Secondary)
St. Peter's Kubatana Technical School, Highfield, Harare (Secondary)
St. Peter's Kubatana Secondary School, Highfield, Harare (Secondary)
St. Paul's Secondary School, Musami (Secondary)
St. Ignatius Secondary School, Chishawasha (Secondary)
St. George's Secondary School, Harare (Secondary)
Schools Arts Festival  (Secondary)
Sacred Heart Secondary School, Banket (Secondary)
School Fees Support  (Primary/Secondary)
St. Rupert's Primary School, Makonde (Primary)
St. Peter's Primary School, Mbare, Harare (Primary)
St. Peter Claver Primary School, Chishawasha (Primary)
St. Paul's Primary School, Musami (Primary)
St. Lazarus Primary School, Makumbi (Primary)
St. Joseph's Primary School, Chishawasha (Primary)
St. George's Primary School, Banket (Primary)
Hartman House Primary School, Harare (Primary)
Chishawasha Primary School, Chishawasha (Primary)
St. Ignatius Secondary – ESIL, Msaladzi (Secondary)
Matacuane Primary, (Primary/Secondary/Adult Education)

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June 27, 2017

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June 22, 2017

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June 21, 2017

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June 21, 2017

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June 21, 2017

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June 21, 2017

Three novices answer the call; profess first vows

Three novices answer the call; profess first vows

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June 21, 2017

Chilubi Island: Fr. Bangwe, SJ presides over the Holy Trinity Mass

Chilubi Island: Fr. Bangwe, SJ presides over the Holy Trinity Mass

By Honore Onana Olah, SJ The faithful of the Santa Maria Parish of Chilubi Island of the Archdiocese of Kasama in Zam... Read more

June 21, 2017

Refugees: An opportunity to grow together

20 June 2017 | Global: Joint ecumenical statement for World Refugee Day 2017 The Christian Bible tells the story o... Read more

June 21, 2017

De La Creature Au Createur

Juste après mon arrivée au Noviciat Jésuite Saint Ignace de Bafoussam, la première difficulté à laquelle je m'étais conf... Read more

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