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arrupeAugust 17, 2015, News from Arrupe College, Harare

Arrupe College is slowly coming back to its usual academic vigour after a long vacation since the month of May. All scholastics have returned from various holiday missions; French immersions in Yaoundé Cameroon and Abidjan Ivory Coast, English immersion in Lusaka, teaching experiments within Zimbabwe and for others, vacation in their provinces and regions. Return from the long break was followed by the annual retreat for scholastics concurrently running with the orientation program of the new arrivals.


Between 3rd August and 7th August, the second to fourth year scholastics had a seminar on General Congregations in the Society of Jesus facilitated by Fr. Festo Mkenda, (AOR), of the Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa. A closer understanding of what happens at a General Congregation was weaved by Festo, even made better by the sharing of the personal experience of Fr. Stephen Buckland, (ZIM), who was present at GC 35. The timeliness of this reflection on GCs cannot be overemphasized especially with preparations for GC 36 underway.


Notable to the quality of philosophical reflection up this semester is the slight increase in the number of faculty staff. Four Jesuits join the formation team, three teachers and one assistant to the minister. 27 new Jesuits join the student body this academic year, there is also a notable increase in the number of non Jesuit students including other religious and the laity. All these are expected to make the exchange of experience and cultures more fruitful and enriching.We start off this academic year with thankful hearts especially for the many consolations received in Arrupe over the last academic year. The expectation is that the individual efforts from the wider Arrupe Community will knit together to deepen the experience of each day for the Greater Glory of God.    



 By Tobias Dindi, SJ 


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