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  • Fr. Jerry Aman burning palms from the preceding Palm Sunday in preparation for the Ash Wednesday Liturgy in Arrupe Chapel
  • Fr. General and Pope Francis
  • Pupil at Gonzaga Primary-Dar-es Salaam and Children at the Luhanga parish kindergarten, Tanzania
  • Fr. Chuks washing the feet of Yoda, one of Arrupe students, at Holy Thursday
  • Father General during his visit to a refugee camp, Kakuma, North Eastern Kenya
  • October 8th and 9th 2015 : First Electors’ meeting of the JESAM Conference (AFR)
  • Father Superior General, commemorating mass during his visit to Nigeria (ANW Province)
  • Father General planting a tree accompanied by Fr. Afulo (AOR Provincial)
  • Art by Jesuits in Nigeria (ANW Province)
  • Colloquiam on Leadership Development (CLD), at ITCJ, Abidjan
  • Father General celebrating mass during his visit to AOR Province
  • Fr. General and The Preparatory Commission (Coetus Praevius) for GC36 (ROME)
  • Bishop Lisane - Christos Matheos, Bishop of Bahir Dar, receives Fr. General and the AOR team in Bahir Dar
  • Fr. General, alongside Frs. Douglas Marcouiller (first left), Odomaro, Masawe, Groum, Afulo (AOR Provincial) and Atakelt, visit Pedro Paez House located at St. Giorgis Orthodox Church, Bahir Dar
  • Fr. General greets pupils at Abay Mado Catholic Academy in Bahir Dar

Welcome Message from the JESAM President


Fr. Mike 2The Jesuit Superiors of Africa and Madagascar (JESAM) welcome you to our new website. This is part of an ongoing initiative to build an online presence for the Society of Jesus in Africa using the best technologies. Across our Order, new technology is being used to share the Word of God, better explain our work and help support a growing understanding of key issues of our day. Jesuits in Africa have a tradition of serving on the frontiers so it is only fitting that we take this position online.


News and Updates

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November 30, 2015

Address of Pope Francis during visit to Kangemi slum

Visit to Kangemi Friday, 27 November 2015 Thank you for welcoming me to your neighbourhood.  I thank Archbisho... Read more

November 25, 2015

Pope Francis in Kenya at Start of African Tour

Wednesday, 25 November 2015,Nairobi Pope Francis has arrived in Kenya for a three-nation African tour - his first to th... Read more

November 4, 2015

Calling for Subscription: Networking for Justice

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ON THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE: www.networkingforjustice.org to get information on this important gather... Read more

November 3, 2015

GC36 Delegates Meeting

First Electors’ meeting of the JESAM Conference (AFR) On October 8th and 9th, the 21 electors for the General Congreg... Read more

November 2, 2015

November 5, A Proposed Ignatian Prayer

A.M.D.G Thursday, 5th November 2015All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus To fellow members of the Ignatian... Read more

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Our Mission


The Mission of JESAM is to “build up the Society of Jesus in Africa and Madagascar into a prayerful and discerning community of apostolic men, and to foster union, communication, effective leadership and planning towards a common vision and the universal mission of the Society.”


The Jesuits in Africa


Jesuits have become part of the fabric of African society for the last 450 years. In the last 50 years the order in Africa has transformed from a ministry of foreign missionaries to a truly African body representing the aspirations of an organisation that is bound to supporting a "faith that does justice".


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